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The reception area welcomes guests with a relaxing lounge space and spectacular view of the facility’s swimming pool that heightens excitement for training.


This project was for a training complex produced by the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer ASICS. The 4,950m2 facility houses multiple workout gyms, running lanes, a pool, hot baths, and even a training laboratory, making it one of the world’s largest low-oxygen urban training facilities*. Thanks to the lowered oxygen level in the training area, both athletes and active users alike can expect an increase in training efficiency.
*Among urban facilities that offer a low-oxygen training nvironment, as of August, 2019, according to research by ASICS.


After construction had begun, we received a request to redesign nearly 80% of the facility, to which we responded with flexibility and accomplished our best within the given time frame before the grand opening. Bringing ASICS’ vision of creating “quality lifestyle through intelligent sport technology” to life, we successfully created a space that provides new value to the sport experience.

Space Solution/Realization

We discussed the details of the project over meticulous meetings with the complex designers and the general contractors continuing far into the project schedule, providing on-time proposals and sharing the proper information as much as needed. We agreed on an overall plan early on, gained mutual trust and propelled the project to the end with unity. In the end, we came up with a high-quality facility, beaming with potential, and received high praise from our customers.

Design for Environment

Designing safety: We designed the bench seats with safety and hygiene in mind. We used well cushioned, easy to clean material with high permeability.

ASICS Sports Complex Corporation
Services Provided
Design, Layout, Production, Construction
Our Team
Project Management : IKEDA Shohei
Design, Layout : OOTSUKI Kenzo
Production, Construction : KATOU Ryosuke
Tokyo, Japan
November, 2019

We filled the entire corridor wall with graphics to invite guests into the gym area and instill them with excitement.

Complete set of training machines and a running lane. The low oxygen level training environment offers efficient training to users.

The facility includes a special training area for the most serious users with wall graphics that promote perseverance as well as next-level training machines.

The gym-side lounge offers a space to relax.

The café next to the reception area offers before and after support with drinks including protein shakes.

Photo: Taichi Misonoo

Design, Layout

Design, Layout

Ootsuki designs spaces for many fields, including corporate lounges, hotels and other facilities in hospitality, show rooms, amusement and more, specializing in commercial space, retail in particular. In recent years he has blossomed in design related to sports and wellness.

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