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An urban core, connecting traffic with facilities, helping to visualize the movements and bustle of Shibuya’s commuters.


The commercial shopping and restaurant area in Shibuya Scramble Square, the new large-scale complex and land mark of the ever-progressing city, is an urban mall spanning from the 2nd floor of the basement up to the 14th floor.
The concept behind the mall is just right for Shibuya, the city of change and creation. Poised at giving customers a seasonal experience that resonates with the heart, it is a self-proclaimed forever a la mode facility offering patrons the latest trends at each of its 212 establishments.


The concept for this project was “ASOVIVA,” a playful compound coinage of asobiba, or “place for playing.” We hoped to create somewhere that could give trend seeking Shibuya visitors a feeling of “viva” any day of the week.

Space Solution/Realization

We concluded that expressing the potential that Shibuya possesses as well as the energy emitted by the sum of its people, things, activities and services would fit the concept just right so we filled the walkways and other shared public sections with diverse broad standing design motifs to incorporate Shibuya’s innate personality.
We set up an individual theme for each floor and zone according to its usage and characteristics, accentuating with designs, material and other suited items.

TOKYU CORPORATION, East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Services Provided
【Shibuya Scramble Square Shops & Restaurants】
Commercial Environmental Design, Zoning, Design, Sign Supervision : TANSEISHA Co., Ltd., JR East Design Corporation
Production, Construction of Part of Common Use Space in Commercial Area : TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD., TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.

【Shibuya Scramble Square】
Architect : SHIBUYA STATION DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT CONSORTIUM ( Nikken Sekkei Ltd+Tokyu Architects & Engineers INC.+JR East Design Corporation+Metro Development Co., Ltd. )
Design Architect : Nikken Sekkei Ltd, Kengo Kuma and Associates, SANAA
Our Team
Project Management : KATAISHI Hidenori
Creative Direction : KAWASAKI Kiichiro ( Supervision / Sign ), SENO Fumio ( Commercial Environment )
Design, Layout : TAKEDA Yoshifumi, TSUBOI Takahiro, YAMAMOTO Kyosuke, WADA Shiori
Production, Construction : SUGANUMA Takayuki, ISOBE Kentaro
Tokyo, Japan
November, 2019

For the lower entrance floors, we incorporated multi-angled objects to represent the many gatherings and pockets of communication that occur inside marketplaces.

We chose to accentuate the mid floors with strait lines to represent the streets and the amount of cutting edge culture and goods that cross their intersections.

We designed the event spaces in the mid floors to mimic the hustle and bustle of the city.

As for the top floors, we went for a collage of geometric shapes to emphasize the gathering, interaction and lingering of people with people.

Photo: Nacása & Partners Inc.

SENO Fumio

SENO Fumio

The mall includes an array of spaces including specialty shops and other retail stores often found in commercial complexes, places of hospitality such as medical facilities, and business spaces, such as offices, show rooms, etc. Seno approached the project from many different angles and designed so as to bring out the most value the space could offer, resulting in rave reviews.

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