Recommended Special Exhibition : Hermès “Leather Forever”

"The spirit of Nomad" - Functional and sophisticated bags, which cast artisans' idea and know-how into shape.


Special exhibition full of poetic charm of Hermès, to communicate the universe of leather, the material about which the house is passionate since its foundation in 1837. The exhibition was held for a limited time, from the 2nd to 23rd of December 2014, in the "Hyokeikan" building of the Tokyo National Museum. First established as a harness maker, the house today creates ready-to-wear, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, etc. The history of the house, and the prodigious techniques of the artisans were introduced, and the leather craftsmen demonstrated their skills. Visitors were fascinated by the house's special universe of leather.


To realize the exhibition which travelled the world over (Shanghai, Rome, London, Madrid, Taipei and Hong Kong), by making the most of the characteristics of the "Hyokeikan" building, an important cultural property of the Tokyo National Museum.

Space Solution/Realization

In order to hold the exhibition in Tokyo after major cities around the world, a French designer configured 12 exhibition halls inside Hyokeikan. Each hall has its own theme, with different coloring, to exhibit different products. Though the site works had plenty of restrictions due to the character of Hyokeikan as an important cultural property, under the supervision of Hermès, we worked with the French designer, engineers and lighting planner, to realize the exhibition that makes the most of the charms of the venue.

Hermès Japon Co., Ltd.
Services Provided
Production, Construction
Our Team
Production, Construction : HAYAKAWA Junya
Tokyo, Japan
December, 2014

"Savoir-faire" - Introducing leather as carefully-selected material, together with the instrument and technique that magically transform it.

"Savoir-faire" - Wide variety of bags, and the demonstration of leather craftsmen.

"The horse, the first client" - Rhythmically exhibiting the objects related to horse, which is important and special to the house, first established as a harness maker.

Photo: RINO KOJIMA (This is the Ligths.)

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