About Tanseisha

Your story. Our solution. One space.

Our Philosophy

Tanseisha aims to contribute to the enrichment of society and people’s lives by creating better spaces.

Our Vision

Together with our customers, our employees and society, we will continue to create space for imaginations to grow.

Spaces that touch, inspire and relax the user. Spaces that are user-friendly, tell your company’s story, and contribute to its success. Spaces, that help offer solutions to the important issues in your communities and to society as a whole. As space creation specialists, we at Tanseisha create space for imaginations to grow.

As times change, so do the needs of our customers and of society. That’s why we’re constantly growing and evolving as a company—adding to our know-how and refining our creativity—so as to better respond to those needs.

In order to realize an enriched and sustainable society, we strive to not only think of all stakeholders in it with sincere consideration, but to think with them, and to grow together. That’s the kind of company we are. That’s Tanseisha.

Area of operations

Spaces for social interaction between people, people and things, and people and information.

Corporate Statement

Creating space for imaginations to grow.

Derivation of Tansei

Company logo design specifications(Design of our founder, WATANABE Masaji)

“丹青”, a term originating from China, consists of 2 basic colors – Red and Blue – and denotes “an abundance of color.” This word also broadly refers to painting, painters and painted artwork. Dedicated to artistic creation, Tanseisha invests its enthusiasm and creativity in creating rich, comfortable spaces in each and every project.

“丹青” is also a much-beloved word from ancient poetry. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu draws on the word “Tansei” to describe someone who is wholly absorbed in artistic creation. Tanseisha founder WATANABE Masaji loved the poem tremendously for its dedication to artistic creation.

“丹青”, also meaning diligence, is etched in the minds of everyone at Tanseisha who is wholeheartedly devoted to creating spaces. We also embrace the well-balanced symmetry of “Red and Blue” as colors of “passion and wisdom” in our company logo.

Ancient poem written by Du Fu
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