About Tanseisha

Your story. Our solution. One space.

Our Purpose

Drawing the future from space, adding new colors to people and society.
We, Tanseisha Group, are professionals in creating space for imaginations to grow.
Our philosophy of space creation –
It is to give form to something that does not yet exist in the world.
And to create experiences to grow imaginations, delivered by the space.

Joy, surprise, comfort, and inspiration.
To color the lives of people gathering in the space, with the rich emotion.
And to brighten society with the rich colors of “Red and Blue (=Tansei).”

We have been, and will be continuing to challenge ourselves to create space for imaginations to grow, by harnessing our colorful personalities.

Our Values

Facing People
We are sincere in our commitment to the wishes of our associates and stakeholders who are connected through the space.

Putting our hearts and souls into our work
We engage in each project with sincerity, with the professional pride and skill.

Challenging beyond the present
We keep on challenging while growing and transforming ourselves with flexible thinking and creativity.

Combining colorful personalities
Sparkling creativity, advanced skill – We respect each other’s personality, and unite our hearts into one.

Enjoying our work
We enjoy all our work and challenge.

Tanseisha: Vision 2046

We continuously strive to be not only a group of professionals creating space for imaginations to grow, but a group of challengers to open up the possibilities of space and ourselves.

What we can offer for an ever-changing society through space creation

● Sustainability: We confront environmental and social issues / challenges, including climate change, and work earnestly to solve them. We transform the process of “space creation” into a sustainable one, and contribute to the realization of a more colorful and sustainable society through the creation of more valuable spaces.

● Borderless: We create and offer unprecedented experience value through seamless business development transcending all boundaries (overseas / domestic, urban / regional, real / virtual) and through co-creation with clients and partners all over the world. And through space creation, we enhance the appeal of the valuable culture, nature, and technology of different regions of Japan, which will be communicated to the world.

Offering emotional solutions for changing markets and clients

● Stronger foundations: By proactively incorporating cutting-edge technology and new values and continually improving our fundamental problem-solving skills, we pursue higher levels of professionalism in “creating space for imaginations to grow.”

● Broader reach: We aim to be the best partner to provide solutions of “space for imaginations to grow,” by facing the various complex issues that markets and clients encounter, and by expanding our activities into new fields and new business models, while remaining unconstrained by conventional boundaries.

For these reasons, we continue to evolve.

● People-centric organization/workstyle: We will grow into a more flexible and innovative group through collaboration and co-creation of diverse human resources. And we will improve our creativity as a group of strong individuals, by ensuring diverse workstyles and respecting the lifestyle and happiness of everyone.

● Creation of space that embraces people: In a future society requiring return to richness of mind and humanity, we will continue to pursue our own possibilities to provide more inspiration by creating spaces that connect people with others.

Derivation of Tansei

Company logo design specifications(Design of our founder, WATANABE Masaji)

“丹青”, a term originating from China, consists of 2 basic colors – Red and Blue – and denotes “an abundance of color.” This word also broadly refers to painting, painters and painted artwork. Dedicated to artistic creation, Tanseisha invests its enthusiasm and creativity in creating rich, comfortable spaces in each and every project.

“丹青” is also a much-beloved word from ancient poetry. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu draws on the word “Tansei” to describe someone who is wholly absorbed in artistic creation. Tanseisha founder WATANABE Masaji loved the poem tremendously for its dedication to artistic creation.

“丹青”, also meaning diligence, is etched in the minds of everyone at Tanseisha who is wholeheartedly devoted to creating spaces. We also embrace the well-balanced symmetry of “Red and Blue” as colors of “passion and wisdom” in our company logo.

Ancient poem written by Du Fu
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