Company History

  • What year was Tanseisha established in ?
  • Tanseisha Co., Ltd. was established in December, 1959.
  • When did you begin over-the-counter trading for your stock ?
  • In September, 1983, we offered the stock to the public on Tokyo over-the-counter market.
  • When did you go on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange ?
  • In March, 1987, we went on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • When were you appointed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange ?
  • In March, 2000, we were apointed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.


  • What is your securities code ?
  • It’s “9743”.
  • Do you intend to go public on the foreign stock market hereafter ?
  • We don’t intend to go public at the moment.
  • Do you adopt a hospitality program for stockholders ?
  • We don’t adopt it yet at this moment.
  • Do you intend to do share splitting ?
  • We don’t schedule it yet at this stage.
  • How many stocks is your unit of exchange ?
  • It is in units of 100 stocks.
  • When is the fixed date of stockholders on dividend?
  • Profit sharing is on 31th, January and midterm dividend is on 31th, July.

Business performance

  • Can you tell us what the business performance of Tanseisha is about ?
  • We put the latest news about it in the financial data page.
    Please see here about it.


  • Can you tell us the accounting term of Tanseisha ?
  • Our accounting term is 31th, January. However we issue a statement on our business performance per quarter period.
  • How do I find out about projects with which Tanseisha has been involved?
  • Please click here for the Tanseisha’s main completed works.

Contact Us

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