Drawing the future from space,
adding new colors to people and society.


Whether you're just setting up in Japan or developing your business operations overseas, as space creation specialists, we’ll partner with you in finding a solution that tells your story — and we have a proven track record of doing just that.

Research and Planning
Production and Construction
Your story. Our solution. One space.
You have a story you want to tell, and we at Tanseisha have a solution for how to tell it.

Creating a space that tells that story involves many different people, and many different factors come into play.

The first things we take into consideration are the thoughts, feelings and expectations of you, our customer, and of the people who will use the space.

Then there's economic feasibility, environmental concerns, government regulations, quality, safety, cost and—last but not least—design.

As space creation specialists, we at Tanseisha can leverage our wealth of expertise, extensive network of professionals, and ingenuity to bring all these elements together into one creative solution.

Together we can add new value to your story.