Entrance Lobby: This circular shaped space was made to wrap around the man-made water basin that sits on the facility grounds. As light is reflected off the water below it casts organically curved lines across the acrylic partitions, making the guest feel as if they were in a fantasy-like space, gently wrapped in waves and radiance.


The Laguna Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort opened in March, 2019, in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, as the third establishment of the Baycourt Club brand following Tokyo and Ashiya providing a membership resort experience of the finest grade produced by Resorttrust, Inc. This seven-story, 400-meter-long coastal club stands with majestic curvature far surpassing common notions of modern architecture. Every one of the 193 rooms is a suite with an ocean view, with special attention payed to the finest of details to give a refreshing and moving experience of luxury no matter how many times one may frequent the sophisticated hotel establishment. Tanseisha designed the overall interior for the lobby, public spaces, the guest rooms, restaurants, bar, ball room, gym, and treatment salon.


The theme for this project is “Futuristic Luxury.” Aimed at giving even the most globally seasoned patron a rush like they’ve never experienced, this member’s only hotel was designed with the upmost care for sophistication and elegance.

Space Solution/Realization

By collaborating with Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. during initial sketches for the design, we were able to incorporate the curved shape of the coastal building into the interior design and create a never-before seen space fusing together a myriad of design elements such as organically curving walls and other structural aspects at an extremely high level. Furthermore, by inviting members of overseas design studios with experience in designing five star hotels across the globe to work with the Tanseisha design team for this project, we were able to establish a global perspective in the creation a luxury hotel that wows even the wealthiest patron.

Resorttrust, Inc.
Services Provided
Architectural Design, Design Supervision : Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Interior Design : TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
Interior Design Collaboration : AB Concept Limited
Our Team
HASUMI Junichi, ISHII Kosuke, RINNO Yuki, KIKUCHI Takeshi
Aichi, Japan
March, 2019

Guest Reception: A feeling of luxury was created by the use of curved antique silver walls.

Main Dining: Gold partitions modeled after the skeletons of leaves that reach all the way to the 6.5-meter-tall ceiling creates a mysterious yet privately comfortable space for dining.

Chinese Restaurant: This luxurious space was enhanced by installing 6.5-meter-tall crystal light pillars.

Japanese Restaurant: The interior design of this space fused the signature outdoor elements of the resort the water basin and the view.

Grand Ball Room: From crashing waves to majestic waterfalls, this open and dynamic space embodies a single moment of moving water.

Treatment Salon: This room was designed to resemble a mystic cave.

Suite: Each guest room offers a luxurious feel and a spectacular view of the ocean.

Bathroom: The image one sees as they peer into the bathroom mirror in the royal suite rooms are out of this world.

Photo: Nacása & Partners Inc. / Provided by: Resorttrust, Inc.

Creative Director
Junichi Hasumi

Creative Director
Junichi Hasumi

Following his joining with Tanseisha in 1991, Junichi has designed mainly specialty shops and hotels with a strong emphasis on food and drink establishments. By utilizing a wealth of experience and knowledge, he fuses engineering and design to create his own specialties—dynamic, innovative and luxurious spaces.

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