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The design of the main atrium on the basement levels. Photogenic installations enhance the experiences of visiting and circulating the facility’s interior.


This large commercial complex has four basement levels and five above-ground levels consisting of shopping malls and office buildings. It is located next to the Pingguoyuan station terminus in the Shijingshan District of Beijing. This is the third Joy City to be opened in Beijing, which boasts a heightened ability to attract customers within China due to its highly unique facility designs. Approximately 30% of its 200-plus commercial tenants are making their debut in the Shijingshan District, providing new visiting and purchasing experiences to fulfill not only the desires of young people, but of a broader customer base, including families.


To materialize a design that would naturally enhance circulation of the entire commercial space, which spans a floor area of 110,000m2 and distance of 320m from east to west.

Space Solution/Realization

We have implemented designs that emphasize both horizontal and vertical movement at each point of interest. Additionally, different designs are adopted for the basement and above-ground levels in an attempt to encourage visitors to move between the upper and lower floors.
On the above-ground levels, we have attempted to improve circulation between the floors by drawing attention to vertical movement. This is done by installing lighting designs that pool light at the elevators and connecting corridors of the main atrium, which serves as a means of both horizontal and vertical movement. On the basement levels, we have tightened the entire space through the use of black lines inserted into a stylish, minimalistic white space. We have also created a futuristic ambiance in the atrium by using reflective surfaces to produce light. The addition of photogenic designs to the ceiling increases the awareness of the space spanning to the east and west and encourages visitors to circulate throughout the entire facility.

Beijing Xinrun Zhiyuan Property Development Co., Ltd. (Affiliate of HuaYuan Property)
Services Provided
Design, Layout
Our Team
Design Direction: SENO Fumio
Design, Layout: SENO Fumio, TSUBOI Takahiro, HU Min
Project Management: MU Zhaojian of Tansei Creative Design Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, P.R.China)
Local Design: LU Haitang of Tansei Creative Design Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, P.R.China)
"BLT Built Design Awards 2023" Honorable Mention
Beijing, China
June, 2023
Space Types
Commercial Spaces
Award   Large Commercial Facilities
Services Provided
Design, Layout

Design elements around the main atrium on the basement levels. The designs of the corridors and atrium are reflected onto the support beams in looped shapes, encouraging horizontal and vertical lines of movement.

Walkway of the basement levels. Horizontal movement is encouraged through the installation of designs which emphasize a sense of unity between above and below.

The main atrium on the floors above ground. Lighting fixtures, designed with vertical and horizontal movement lines in mind, are spread throughout the entire space.

The main atrium on the floors above ground. The huge 8000m2 domed canopy houses more than 200 commercial tenants.

The main atrium on the basement floors. Photogenic ceiling structures consisting of glass and light design elements give the environment a futuristic ambiance.

The front entrance. The entire exterior of this distinctive building is shaped like a music note.

Photo Provided: Tansei Creative Design Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, P.R. China)

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