Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport SAKAI

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Services Provided
【Environmental Design】
Design Overview: TAISEI DESIGN Planners Architects & Engineers
Basic Planning, Basic Layout: TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
【Studium Court, Foods Hall】
Basic Planning, Basic Layout, Execution Design, Production, Construction: TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
【Food Court】
Basic Planning, Basic Layout: TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
Execution Design, Production, Construction: SPACE CO., LTD.
Our Team
Master Plan: ISHIHARA Yui
Design Direction (Environmental Design, Studium Court, Foods Hall, Food Court) : TAKAHASHI Junichi
Execution Design (Studium Court, Foods Hall) : SUZUKI Chiaki
Production, Construction: IWAZAKI Kenji
Project Management: OKAJIMA Yuta
Osaka, Japan
November, 2022


Photo: Kenichi Suzuki

The shared information and details of the project is accurate as of the date they were posted. There may have been unannounced changes at a later date.

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