Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Principles

We at Tanseisha aim to grow and develop alongside society in hopes of being an organization whose values and principles are recognized by the very people of that society. As professional creators of space, we are aware of our role and responsibilities and will continue to strive in order to realize our vision of growing with our customers, our employees and society as a whole.

1. In order to create better spaces

In order to actualize our philosophy (Tanseisha aims to contribute to the enrichment of society and people’s lives by creating better spaces), we take serious and earnest actions towards our services of producing places for people to gather.

Creating spaces with people and the environment in mind

We strive to create spaces that not only offer convenience, comfort, beauty and topicality, but safety and security for its users, all while complying with laws and ordinances. Our spaces are made to be easily accessible and usable for anyone in society, without any bias. We consider all local environmental factors and safety issues at the construction sites as well as when making our first designs.

Contributing to social and cultural development through spatial design that supports social interaction

As it is in our social nature as a company to create places that utilize and nurture a wide variety of social behavior/movement and to be involved in the creation and continuation of a diverse and rich culture, we approach and follow through with every plan and design with the utmost care and thoroughness.

2. Regarding social issues

With sympathy and respect for humans and our power to create, we support and practice efforts aimed at tackling the many social issues we face. Furthermore, we strive to reduce our environmental impact throughout our business practices.

Importance on people – respect for people and their diversity / support of growth

As we aim to contribute to the coexistence of our fellow man, we respect the diversity in our values and hope to be of help in actualizing a “universal” society.

Relationship between design and society – the power of design / creation of rich culture

We share respect for the rich creativity that dwells within the workings of man and believe that design has the power to enrich society, culture and the hearts of people. We contribute to the promotion of design, in all its shapes and facets including industrial, cultural and academic.

Balance with the environment – consistency between business and environmental conservation

With high consideration for our surroundings in our everyday business practices, we make efforts to prevent pollution and lower our negative impact on the environment while doing our best to help create a society with a low carbon footprint.

3. As a precondition for everything

We make sure to take the necessary systematic improvements for gaining recognition and trust from society.

Basic efforts – in order to be a trustworthy public institution

We make sure our operations and finances are fare, healthy, transparent and compliant while clarifying the preconditions for continual and steady growth as a company and performance of responsibilities. We strive to maintain strong business ethics and organization management, as well as the appropriate disclosure and security / administering of information.

Past Efforts

1. For creating better spaces

Creating spaces with people and the environment in mind

Environmental efforts

Establishment of an eight-part “Environmental Friendly Design” (healthy/sanitary, recyclable, energy-efficient, (economical) low-waste, universal, reusable, safe, cultural asset preservation) / Administering of industrial waste so as to reduce negative effects on the environment / Preventions against health-damaging indoor environments

Safety efforts

Safety at the construction site – Securing safe working environments (We: have established a safety and health committee, hold safety conferences, educate our staff on safety, share information with our working partners) / Building safe and secure spaces (We: educate our staff for the maintaining and improvement of a high level of technical knowledge, hold production seminars as a part of our public awareness program, analyze and share information necessary for safe and secure spatial design)

In harmony with surroundings – aligning business practices with environmental conservation

Environmental policy / environmental management system / environmental awareness practices within the office

2. Regarding social issues

Relationship between design and society – the power that design exerts and the creating of a rich culture

Linking with the museum technology (museum engineering) research department of The University Museum, The University of Tokyo (Mobile Museum, The Museum [~Natural History You Read with your Ears~], Museum Net Alive) / Dispatching educators to places of learning, seminar talks / participation and cooperation with group activities in the design industry

Contributing to social and cultural development through spatial design that supports social interaction

Solving issues with spatial design / responsive directing with cutting edge content / holding seminars on cultural tourism / demonstrative experiment of Kawagoe Kurazukuri no Machinami [The Warehouse District of Kawagoe City – An Audio Guided Tour] / implementation of KOKORO Scale, a tool that assess human mood or mental state

Importance on people – respect for people and their diversity / support of growth

Efforts regarding diversity

Joint production of Universal Camp on Hachijo Island / joint production of Super Welfare Expo 2020 in Shibuya / participation in Universal Camp in TOKYO / diversity training for all executives and employees / guaranteed providing of information and rational consideration for deaf and hard of hearing people

Efforts regarding staff members

Health management and welfare / personnel affairs and cultivation of talented workers / new employee training Hitozukuri Project / promotion of “work-life balance” / accommodation to diversity in working styles and prevention against overworking / implementing of measures stated in the Act for Promotion of Comprehensive Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation as well as the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Social contribution for local/regional areas

Participation and cooperation with area management activities in the Shinagawa / company employee blood donation program / donation of young Cherry tree to Kyushu National Museum

Reconstruction/Recovery support

Hold events for recovery of Tohoku region / relief activities for regions affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake / Broadcasting of information regarding museums in the disaster struck areas of East Japan / monetary donation and contribution of support for disaster struck areas

Promotion of sport

Support for Women’s Rugby athlete Niina Hara / participation in TEAM BEYOND [para-sport] / officially certified as a “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company” in 2017

3. As a precondition for everything

Basic efforts – in order to be a trustworthy public institution

Corporate Governance / talks with investors / talks with staff members / information security measures / BCP (Business Continuity Planning) / holding of seminars about intellectual property / complete refusal of ties (including business) with anti-social, violent, or criminal groups / compliance training / established consultation services for harassment / established compliance hotline (internal reporting program)