Corporate Social Responsibility

Past Efforts

1. For creating better spaces

Creating spaces with people and the environment in mind

Environmental efforts

Establishment of an eight-part “Environmental Friendly Design” (healthy/sanitary, recyclable, energy-efficient, (economical) low-waste, universal, reusable, safe, cultural asset preservation) / Administering of industrial waste so as to reduce negative effects on the environment / Preventions against health-damaging indoor environments

Safety efforts

Safety at the construction site – Securing safe working environments (We: have established a safety and health committee, hold safety conferences, educate our staff on safety, share information with our working partners) / Building safe and secure spaces (We: educate our staff for the maintaining and improvement of a high level of technical knowledge, hold production seminars as a part of our public awareness program, analyze and share information necessary for safe and secure spatial design)

In harmony with surroundings – aligning business practices with environmental conservation

Environmental policy / environmental management system / environmental awareness practices within the office

2. Regarding social issues

Relationship between design and society – the power that design exerts and the creating of a rich culture

Linking with the museum technology (museum engineering) research department of The University Museum, The University of Tokyo (Mobile Museum, The Museum [~Natural History You Read with your Ears~], Museum Net Alive) / Dispatching educators to places of learning, seminar talks / participation and cooperation with group activities in the design industry

Contributing to social and cultural development through spatial design that supports social interaction

Solving issues with spatial design / responsive directing with cutting edge content / holding seminars on cultural tourism / demonstrative experiment of Kawagoe Kurazukuri no Machinami [The Warehouse District of Kawagoe City – An Audio Guided Tour] / implementation of KOKORO Scale, a tool that assess human mood or mental state

Importance on people – respect for people and their diversity / support of growth

Efforts regarding diversity

Joint production of Universal Camp on Hachijo Island / joint production of Super Welfare Expo 2020 in Shibuya / participation in Universal Camp in TOKYO / diversity training for all executives and employees / guaranteed providing of information and rational consideration for deaf and hard of hearing people

Efforts regarding staff members

Health management and welfare / personnel affairs and cultivation of talented workers / new employee training Hitozukuri Project / promotion of “work-life balance” / accommodation to diversity in working styles and prevention against overworking / implementing of measures stated in the Act for Promotion of Comprehensive Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation as well as the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Social contribution for local/regional areas

Participation and cooperation with area management activities in the Shinagawa / company employee blood donation program / donation of young Cherry tree to Kyushu National Museum

Reconstruction/Recovery support

Hold events for recovery of Tohoku region / relief activities for regions affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake / Broadcasting of information regarding museums in the disaster struck areas of East Japan / monetary donation and contribution of support for disaster struck areas

Promotion of sport

Support for Women’s Rugby athlete Niina Hara / participation in TEAM BEYOND [para-sport] / officially certified as a “Tokyo Sports Promotion Company” in 2017

3. As a precondition for everything

Basic efforts – in order to be a trustworthy public institution

Corporate Governance / talks with investors / talks with staff members / information security measures / BCP (Business Continuity Planning) / holding of seminars about intellectual property / complete refusal of ties (including business) with anti-social, violent, or criminal groups / compliance training / established consultation services for harassment / established compliance hotline (internal reporting program)