Enhancing Corporate Governance

As we adapt to the changes that occur in society, we pursue the best governance of company practices at all times, and continue to work to enhance all aspects that it encompasses. In addition to ensuring transparency and fairness in decision-making, we continually strive to maintain strong company ethics so as to be widely trusted by society.

About Corporate Governance

Tanseisha aims to contribute to society through the realization of its corporate philosophy and visions, and to achieve the best corporate governance in parallel with the ever-occurring changes in the business environment.
For more information, please refer to the Corporate Governance page (Basic Policy, Initiative Status, Promotional System).
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Corporate Governance

Dialogue with investors

Tanseisha places importance on dialogue with investors and regularly hosts individual meetings, financial results briefings for institutional investors, and company briefings for individual investors. Questions and answers at briefings are available on the IR Information page.

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Dialogue with employees

We hold monthly management meetings with our employee unions as set by collective agreement, to build mutually understanding, communication, and to coordinate opinions. We also hold a monthly committee to improve the setting of working hours, etc., and to discuss related matters. In addition, once a year, we have employees write self-reports to confirm various opinions and requests from employees to the company. We continuously conduct employee awareness surveys and use the results to improve the company and our workplaces.

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Information security measures

Tanseisha is continuously working to improve information security, including enhancing the security of client computers. Regarding personal information, we have established a PMS (Personal Information Protection Management Systems) Committee to promote protection. In addition, in accordance with the systems mentioned above, we have obtained a privacy mark proving that personal information is properly protected.

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Initiatives for BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

As part of our BCP efforts, we regularly participate in disaster drills organized by the tenant buildings of company offices and conduct safety confirmation and first response drills. We also have a proper stock of equipment and goods needed in case of disasters and emergencies.

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We are taking measures against new coronavirus desease.

We are taking measures against the coronavirus based on the “Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of Infectious Deceases”, etc., promoting and strengthening telework, installing acrylic plates in conference rooms, procuring and installing infectious disease control equipment, while disseminating information to all employees.

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Initiatives for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

We conduct educational programs to share knowledge about intellectual property with employees, and regularly conducts seminars focused on the protecting of intellectual property rights.

Fair Operating Practices

Refusal to do business with criminal organizations

In line with the Basic Policy on Corporate Governance, we refuse to have any relations with groups opposed to the wellbeing of society. Furthermore, we firmly reject all unjust demands from said groups and deal with any arising issues through civil and criminal action. We also hold regular seminars regarding organized crime to spread information within the company.

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Establishment of Harassment Consultation

In accordance with Anti-Harassment Regulations, we have established an external harassment consultation desk that accepts consultations and complaints from employees regarding harassment.

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Compliance training

With respect to the importance of compliance, we conduct annual e-learning compliance training for the entire company to ensure compliance awareness.

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About compliance hotline (internal reporting window)

The Tanseisha Group (the Company and its domestic subsidiaries) has established a report and consultation window based on the Whistleblower Protection Act.
The information received at this reception window is entrusted to out-of-house lawyers in order for business partners of Tanseisha Group companies to report misconduct in connection to business practices of Tanseisha Group companies, such as violations of laws and regulations that have occurred or are about to occur. We also accept consultations regarding the appropriateness and accuracy of the content in the reports as well as other information related to reports.
We usually accept reports and consultations based on real names as a general rule since it is not possible to conduct a full investigation of the facts or to notify the results of the survey in the case of anonymous reports. In addition, an informer will not receive any disadvantageous treatment from Tanseisha Group companies due to the use of this window.

Compliance Hotline

102-0073 Ichigaya Hoso Building 105, Kudan-kita 4-chome 1-5, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shuichiro Kasuga
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In the examples of our company efforts to address each materiality category, we use the following tags to represent each of the central themes described in ISO26000.
  • Corporate Governance: Corporate governance
  • Human Rights: Due diligence | Human rights risk situations | Avoidance of complicity | Resolving grievances | Discrimination and vulnerable groups | Civil and political rights | Economic, social and cultural rights | Fundamental principles and rights at work
  • Labor Practices: Employment and employment relationships | Conditions of work and social protection | Social dialogue | Health and Safety at work | Human development and training in the workplace
  • Environment: Prevention of pollution | Sustainable resource use | Climate change mitigation and adaptation | Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats
  • Fair Operating Practices: Anti-corruption | Responsible political involvement | Fair competition | Promoting social responsibility in the value chain | Respect for property rights
  • Consumer Issues: Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices | Protecting consumers’ health and safety | Sustainable consumption | Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution | Consumer data protection and privacy | Access to essential services | Education and awareness
  • Community(Community Involvement and Development): Community involvement | Education and culture | Employment creation and skills development | Technology development and access | Wealth and income creation | Health | Social investment
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