Out-of-house Assessment and Qualification

General CSR Evaluation

EcoVadis Silver Rating, 2019

We have obtained a “Silver” rating from EcoVadis, the French sustainability supply chain evaluation body. Silver is a rating given to the top 25% of approximately 55,000 companies in the 2019 Sustainability Review. EcoVadis reviews comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a third-party perspective on four categories; environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement, and is evaluated in five stages; Platinum (top 1%), Gold (top 5%), Silver (top 25%), Bronze (top 50%), and Unqualified. Tanseisha was rated in the top 16% of approximately 55,000 companies from around the world, spanning across all industries, that were screened by EcoVadis.

Contributing to social and cultural development and solutions for related issues.

Awards received, including “Kukan Design Awards” KUKAN OF THE YEAR/ Nikkei Inc. Award (2019), etc.

The Kukan Design Awards (organized by the Japan Space Design Association and the Japan Commercial Environment Design Association) is not only the largest but the only spatial design award in Japan, and was established with the aim of expanding the possibilities of spatial design by discovering outstanding designs and outstanding designers and introducing them to the world.

  • >“Eibunren Award [JAAP International Short Film Festival] (National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations)” Excellent Works Award, Semi-Grand Prix (2015), etc.
  • >“Kids Design Award (NPO Kids Design Association),” Excellence Award, Minister of Consumer Affairs Award (2013), Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (2014), etc.
  • >“Good Design Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)” Good Design Award (2019 and others)
  • >“Zen-Eikyo Grand Prix (National Board of Regional Visual Industry Associations)” Best Award in the Category, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award (2015)
  • >“12th Collaborative Community Development Award (Nippon Omni-Management Association Local Government Comprehensive Fair Planning Committee)” Excellence Award.(2020)
  • >“Display Industry Award (NIPPON Display Federation)” Grand Prize and others/ Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (2011, 2017, 2018, etc.)
  • >Selected for the “Association of Railway Architects Award (Association of Railway Architects)” (2018), etc.
  • >“Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Station Design Competition (Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.)” Excellence Award (2013)
  • >“Nikkei New Office Award (Nikkei Inc., New Office Promotion Association)” New Office Promotion Award (2016)
  • >“Japan Sign Design Award (Japan Sign Design Association)” Excellence Award (2014,etc.)
  • >“Japan Society for Exhibition Studies Award (Japan Society for Exhibition Studies)” Work of Art Award (2016 and others)
  • >“DSA Kukan Design Award (Japan Design Space Association) Grand Prize (2018, etc.)
  • >“JCD Design Award (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association)” Grand Prize (2018), etc.
  • >“Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (Hong Kong Interior Design Association)” (Hong Kong) Silver Award (2016), etc.
  • >“Best of Year Awards (INTERIOR DESIGN)” (America) Winner for Museum/Gallery (2017)
  • >“Design for Asia Awards (Hong Kong Design Centre) ” (Hong Kong) Bronze Award (2013 and 2016)
  • >“FX International Interior Design Awards (FX Magazine)” (UK) Museum or Exhibition Space Award (2016)
  • >“German Design Award (The German Design Council)” (Germany) Special Mention (2019)
  • >“ICONIC AWARDS (The German Design Council)” (Germany) Winner (2017)
  • >“iF DESIGN AWARD (Industry Forum Design Hannover)” (Germany) iF DESIGN AWARD (2018, etc.)
  • >“IIDA Global Excellence Awards (International Interior Design Association)” (America) Winner for Institutional (2017)
  • >“SBID International Design Awards (The Society of British and International Design)” (UK) Finalists (2016), etc.

Supporting Diversity

Selected as a “Tokyo Barrier-Free Mindset” Company showing a good example (2019)

We were registered as a “Tokyo Barrier-Free Mindset Company” in 2018 for our involvement in raising awareness of supporting the physical and mental support of handicapped individuals through helping to build a barrier-free society. In addition, out of the companies registered in 2018 as “support companies,” we were selected among the 11 companies as “2018 ‘barrier-free mindset’ good practices companies” for our particularly excellent efforts.

  • >We have received the Kurumin Mark in 2007, acknowledging our support of the next generation based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
  • >Received the “6th Corporate Philanthropic Award (Japan Philanthropic Association)” Special Award / Universal Society Award (2003)(2003年)
  • >Received the “JACE Event Award (Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events)” Diversity Experience Award (2016)
  • >Received the “KAIKA Awards (Japan Management Association)“ KAIKA Award (2016)

Conservation of the natural environment

  • >Environmental management system (EMS) ISO14001 certification acquired (2001~)
  • >Evaluation and publication of efforts related to global warming countermeasures by businesses such as specific tenants (Tokyo)” AAA rank (FY2019)

Enhancing Corporate Governance

  • >We have acquired the license to use the “privacy mark” based on the personal information protection management system (2006~).

Other CSR Efforts

Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the “9th Local Production for Local Consumption Lunch Menu Contest” (2016)

The “Yokamon Cafe” in the “Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba (Fukuoka Prefecture Product Tourism Exhibition Room)”, which we helped design, create and manage, received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the Restaurant and Lunch Box category of the “9th Local Production for Local Consumption Lunch Menu Contest” which is the highest award in the category. (The contest is sponsored by the National Council for Promotion of Local Production for Local Consumption, and the Organization for Urban-Rural Interchange Revitalization). This award is presented to establishments who show particularly excellent work in the Restaurant and Lunch Box category in order to further promote local production for local consumption. The recipient is selected from a number of establishments that provide menus utilizing ingredients from local farms, forests and bodies of water while working to promote exchange with producers.

  • >Tokyo Sports Promotion Company (2017~)
  • >”The 3rd OHORI Satoshi Memorial Museum Management Promotion Award (Japan Museum Management Academy)” (2020)
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